RL = version with rigid, smooth bottom. With ESD protection.


Our VDA-Small Load Carrier VDA-RL-KLT 4013 ESD is a standardized container with smooth bottom in ESD protective design, designed for manual and automatic handling, and especially for logistical processes in the automotive industry. The carrier is made of electrically conductive plastic and effectively protects components of the electronics and consumer electronics industry from electrostatic discharges. These Small Load Carriers (with label holder) are made of durable, high quality materials assuring long-term use in diverse applications.  With external dimensions of 400 mm long x 300 mm wide x 213 mm high, the small load carriers also comply with the current Euro standards. The internal container dimensions are 345 mm long x 260 mm wide x 195 mm high. The Small Load Carriers are delivered in amounts of 80 containers per pallet.

KLT Properties
400.00 mm
300.00 mm
213.00 mm
Lenght inside
345.00 mm
Width inside
260.00 mm
Height inside
195.00 mm
80 Piece/Palett