VDA-Small Load Carriers are sturdy plastic containers compliant with recommendations 4500 and 4504 of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).

Automotive Industry

Standardized Small Load Carriers are also available from the brands Eurobox, Euro (norm), and Euronormbox, in various sizes and with various functions. However, if VDA certification is missing their dimensions may not be compatible with all steps of the transportation and storage chain. Our VDA-Small Load Carriers are primarily used for the automobile industry, can accommodate the transportation of a wide variety of components and are perfectly compatible for every step of the supply chain between suppliers and car manufacturers.

VDA-Small Load Carriers can be used to safely transport the following:

  • Lathed, Turned and Precision parts
  • Injection molded, Punched or Stamped parts
  • Components or entire assemblies from automotive suppliers to automakers
  • Pressed and Drawn parts
  • Spare parts
  • Relays, Sensors or Circuit Boards
  • Precision Machining and Cold Heading parts
  • Milled or Threaded parts
  • Connectors and Resistors

Our assortment of VDA-Small Load Carriers with industry specific standards and ESD protection are indispensable for the electronics industry. The electronically conductive plastic in the VDA-Small Load Carriers-ESD protects sensitive electronic components and sensors effectively against electrostatic discharges.